You don’t know who we are, so let us first introduce our selves.
We were very keen to get friends in world, so we applied to bureau here which puts people in Iran in touch with friends in various counties.
Company name is MOJE ELECTRONIC IRAN, and we are one of the importers and distributers of copper clad laminated (CCL) sheet, PCB inks, and other accessories PCB, and electronic components (special), in Iran markets.
Company has ventured since1988, in Tehran electronic market that is Iran’s capital.
We are one of the oldest busines in Jomhuri shopping electronic center.
Our name are Ali Reza (older)and Gh.Reza (younger) Soroureddin, We are brother.
We enclose some photograph of our selves, store and our venture, we are PCB supplier, we have no products no factory, but have a lot of CCL sheets such as FR1-FR2-FR4-CEM-XPC and PCB inks .We have imported  them from China ,Hong Kong ,Italy, companies, we would be glad if you are importer or exporter, We will send you sample if you are interest.

Email : ,
Telefax : +98-21-667-11105
Mobile : +98-936-671-1105